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Masters / Low impact classes

CrossFit is important and recommended in any stage of your life. As it promotes strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health, helping maintain independence and vitality in later years. Our tailored programs at HCF CrossFit ensure safe and effective workouts, empowering older individuals to lead active, fulfilling lives.


The methodology behind it

Our low-impact Masters class offers a rejuvenating fitness experience tailored for individuals seeking gentle yet effective exercise.


Designed for those with various physical abilities and ages, our class focuses on promoting overall well-being through mindful movement. 


We blend a range of fitness domains such as stretching, balance and controlled movements that enhance flexibility and strength without placing undue stress on joints.

This inclusive environment fosters a sense of community making it a social and fitness event. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, our low-impact Masters class offers a supportive path to better health and vitality.

Greg Glassman emphasized the concept that fitness levels differ not by the type of activity or genre, but by the degree of one's commitment, effort, and intensity in their training.

At HCF CrossFit, we embrace this philosophy by tailoring our workouts to individual capabilities and promoting a mindset that encourages each member to push their own boundaries, regardless of their fitness background or age.

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